Vinny Stigma's Lane


Voice: Pasha Biely - Vocals, Guitar
Guitar: Klon - Guitar, Vocals
Bass: Vadim Biruk
Drums: Pasha Plut

Genre: Street Punk
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- Vinny Stigma's Lane

We've started playing short simple songs in october 2006. We called our style lanepunk ("lane" is "zavulak" in belarusian), cut version of streetpunk. Guys from our first rehearsal studio asked us to name our band somehow to avoid mess in studio shedule. That's where the name of our band came from. 

We played in Minsk, Baranovichi, Grodno, Lida and Brest. The band gained experience, toured the country, palyed garages and clubs and blossomed out in the first album. Next year we recorded 6 songs for split with our frineds - Boston Tea Party. We would like to thank all people who came to our shows and guys who organized these gigs and encourage you to come one day!

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