Two Two 79


Voice: Ugly Albert
Guitar: Theo
Bass: Hondema
Drums: 'Madman Sharkey' Sjakie

Label: Two-Two Records
Genre: Old School Punk Rock
Location: Groningen, Netherlands
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Two Two 79

Two Two 79 is a punkrock band originated in 1979 in Groningen, the Netherlands.  

1979 to 1982 was the first time we were around.
After almost 25 years in 2006 re-united and recording again.
Two Two 79 is a DIY band, we record and produce (almost) everything ourselves.
This way we are sure nobody has any influence on the way we want to share our music with the public.

We are anti commercial and will never be a part of today's music industry.
Our music will always be free for everybody.
You can stream or download everything we have recorded. CD's can be ordered, but we will never charge more than the production and the shipping costs.


Sex Pistols / Ramones

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