Totally Gnarly


Voice: Glen
Guitar: Tony
Bass: Jimbo
Drums: Jay
Others: Adam
Genre: Punk, Hardcore
Location: Mayfield NY
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Totally Gnarly

Totally Gnarly Have Come to Party

Hide your kids, hide your wives... Totally Gnarly have come to party! Fueled by booze and a desire to shred louder, party harder and have more fun than any other band, Totally Gnarly mix punk rock, thrash and hardcore, into a melodic rock and roll explosion.
The Upstate New York band originated in 2012 with singer Glen Springstead originally playing drums and guitarist Adam Hannis, former members of thrash metal band Amphetamine Army. The two wanted to return to their punk rock roots and form a project that combined their favorite influences of bands like the Ramones, Bad Religion, the Misfits, and Rancid among others. The line-up was rounded out with the addition of Ratorum bass-phenom Jim Nellis and fellow Ampetamine Army Alumni Konrad Edwards on guitar. Edwards, however had to step down following the birth of his second child, and was replaced by life-long friend and Saving Grace guitarist Tony Anzalone.
The four-piece wasted no time writing songs and shaping their sound, but soon realized that with the addition of another drummer, it opened Springstead up to step into the vocal role. GoatFight drummer Jason James Bowie was added to the fold and 'Totally Gnarly' was the only explanation for their newly found sound. The boys unveiled their new project in front of a full house during the grand opening of Revenge Tattoo Parlour, in Amsterdam, NY and they haven't slowed down yet.
Sharing the stage with former Misfits great, Michale Graves, Playing a plethora of unique shows including an amazing Punk Rock Burlesque showcase, and a booze fueled boat cruise down the Hudson River, 'Gnarly' shows no signs of slowing down. The band just recently finished recording their debut EP 'Totally Gnarly's Bogus Journey', and are geared up to release it at a killer release party Saturday, September 26th in their hometown of Gloversville, NY, which will feature New York City rockers Die Pretty, Upstate metal powerhouse Rnewal of Faith, and sibling surf power-trio Boxer Brown.
As the Totally Gnarly buzz grows, and the hangover subsides, the band looks on to the horizon and plan their future endeavors. They are getting ready to step back into the studio with award-winning engineer and producer Tim Lynch (The Recording Company), and record a few tracks for a 7-inch vinyl split with another band to be announced. Until then, the band will be tearing up a stage near you, so come get your fill and chug some swill to the Totally Gnarly sound!

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Hey, hey, hey!!! We made it!!!
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