The Rookie Militia


Voice: Derik Stover: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Guitar: Nathaniel Puesey
Bass: Joseph Biller
Drums: Philipp Wade

Genre: Punk Rock / Alternative
Location: Carey, Ohio
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- The Rookie Militia

We are a four piece outfit based out of a small village in Ohio. What started as a jam session now and again turned into a full band overnight. Our music can be defined by a new genre of music, Catch Rock. Our love of music brings us together along with a commitment to create new music. As long as your foot is tapping to the beat, we are satisfied.

We are always looking for shows to play!!! Contact us if you would like us to play for you!


Jack White, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dave Grohl, Elvis Presley and once again, many more.

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