The Privileged Few


Guitar: Dan - Guitar, Vox
Bass: Dean - Bass, Vox
Drums: Dave - Beers, Stick Chucking

Genre: Punk
Location: Blackpool, UK
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- The Privileged Few

The Privileged Few are a 3-piece punk band formed in November 2009 in a studio in the dusty suburbs of Blackpool. With a shared passion for punk, ska and hip hop, the band have written and devised an extensive set of songs..songs to sing along to, songs to dance to and songs to get drunk to!

The band have just finished a 6 track demo at Reclaimed Studios, Blackpool with the great Ronnie Bomb. The demo includes 4 original tracks 'Get Drunk', 'Lousy Cross', 'Over' and 'Diluted' alongside 2 unique covers of Bob Marley's 'War' and 50 Cent's "P>I>M>P>' – all of which can be heard on the reverbnation page

The Privileged Few have been playing extensively live and have gradually built up fan bases at local level in Blackpool, Preston, Morecambe and Lancaster

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