The Lost Cause


Voice: Kerry O'Connor
Bass: Josh Skudder - Bass/Vocals
Drums: Princess Bert Dela Shithead - Drums/Vocals

Genre: Street Punk / Thrash /Oi!
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- The Lost Cause

"This band has been around since the late 1900’s, they have been referred to as “those cunts that cant play” or “4 guys with no respect for that Canadian game curling”.

The Lost Cause describe themselves as “Pirate Punk”, not in the sense that they sing songs about walking the plank and making love to bottle’s of rum, more in the sense that most of their music sounds like it has been stolen from greater bands such as Killing Heidi, Nirvana, Something for Kate, and Boy George.

If your even lucky enough to see them play, your basically seeing a bagel eating French junkie with no teeth, a drummer that looks remarkably like animal from the muppets, Some guy that can never stop making love to his bass guitar (just because he plays with a wireless adapter, he thinks he is Victor Wooten) and a guy playing guitar called Jizzy, I mean I dont think thats his real name, It sounds more like a B-Grade Porno.

Last time i was in contact with them they only spoke in sign language and demanded that their rider at the shows was only non-alcohoilic vegan martini spritsers with a dash of lemon juice, and a shot of tequilla. when they got told that was unacceptable on the basis that it will not be alcoholic because it has a shot of tequilla in it. they took off all their clothes and did the YMCA, then only talked through sock puppets they made earlier that day at Skudders Grandma’s arts and crafts meeting.

The only thing they ever have said to me is “Don’t forget to be a massive stupid cunt, all the time, of no one will like you POOFTER!”

Fun Facts.
They sleep upside down like bats.
Skudders Bass is invisible.
Jizzy can do one handed push ups.
They think that mohawks were invented by the somalians.
Kerry has a tattoo of a crying pregnant Unicorn

If i was to descibe them in one word, it would have to “flamingo”

go see the lost Cause They are basically this centuries answer to aids. " - Brad Motherfucking Fistcock - 2013


Thrash, Oi, Hardcore, Street Punk, Drinking, Skateboarding, Self Harm, Nudity and all the finer things in life

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