Voice: Jonny Irrit
Guitar: Jonny Irrit
Bass: Micky Irrit
Drums: Benny Irrit

Label: DIY
Genre: Punk
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- THE IRRITS

This is a band that loves Punk Rock and knows how to have fun! Jonny has been a songwriter for ten years, stringing together catchy philosophy and grinding power chords. Benny Irrit brings his experience from previous bands like The Gutter & Schooner or Later, to bombard your ears. Last, but never least, there is Mick Irrit adding boppy bass lines to complete the awesome sound of The Irrits. Listening to The Irrits original songs will hopefully give you something to relate to whilst giving you a taste of excitement and fun. The band’s web-page has photos, videos, upcoming dates and bio information on the band members. Bookings can be made by contacting Jonny Irrit via email at


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