The GoreHounds


Voice: Jordan: Vocals,keyboard
Guitar: John Chalmers: Lead and Rhythm, Burt Michaelson: Lead Guitar in 1988
Bass: Mark Mayhem: Bass Guitar
Drums: Ned Crabbe: Drums
Others: Bob Martel: Rhythm and jug, Cindy Williams: Rhythm (7" only)
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Portland, Maine
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- The GoreHounds

Gorehounds were formed in Portland towards the end of 1985. The band's first gig was at Geno's during Jordan's Undead 30th B-Day Party. The band used the "Electric Jug" sound like the 13th Floor Elevators did in the 1960's. They were a mixture of Punk Rock,60's Garage,and 60's Psychedelia.

The main people involved in the project were:

Mark Mayhem: Bass Guitar

Bob Cellars: Rhythym Guitar and "Jug"

John Chalmers: Lead Guitar

Ned Crabbe: Drums

Cindy Williams: Rythym Guitar

Jordan: Vocals,keyboards,harmonica,songwriter,and Founder


This band lasted around 3 years.


In 1985-87 The Gorehounds place was known as THE GORE MANOR. Lots of punks,bands,and fans stayed there and partied.This was one hell of a wild and crazy time. Lots of broken beer bottles,dirty needles,pot smokin,crack stinkin,and rip roarin mentalness. In the winter the house was so cold that water used to freeze in the sinks and toilets. Rats were living in my couch. And the refrigerator was not to be opened except for more BEER. There were punk flyers and graffiti all over the place. It was the best and worst of times. When we finally sunk it was to hit rock bottom.........While the band was around it was an original act that played around the NE Coast and Canada as well. There was always a party after a night out at Geno's the hip place to hang for cool music then. Geno's is still around with live music.


BMH was formed after my return from a stint in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary.First I had the Gorehounds back together and then I moved on to the present BMH line-up.The original GoreHounds split up in the summer of 1989. For a while new people were involved in the project and the sound got more 70's Punk sounding. BMH was formed in the fall of 1990.


Bob Cellars (Martell) was the one who put together the record label to release our material. Bob made up his Alien Cactus Record Label as we were a DIY Band.Mark Mayhem (Hussey) did the recording of the LP and We did the Single Recording at Mark's friend Studio in Gloucester or somewhere's up that way in 1986.

Bob Cellers also had another band that put out music called The Dark Cellars from Boston.They did 1960's revival Garage Rock.

Bob still rocks out in bands and was involved with doing a Ramones Cover band as well as doing his own original rockers.Mark has been doing sound/lights and has been sitting in jamming and filling in on instruments here and there for decades.

The GoreHounds used to barely practice and learned songs the same day we played them in some cases.Spontaneous Garage Reaction !!!

Bob Martell played the jug thru an old Fender Amp with the Reverb up.

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