The Dunce


Voice: james dunce- Vocals
Guitar: marc dunce - Guitar / BG Vocals
Bass: scott dunce - Bass / BG Vocals (live from 2010) jay dunce - Bass (all recordings and live until 2010) / Guitar (intro solo for ) / Vocals
Drums: pat dunce - Drums / Vocals

Label: Pan Records
Genre: Punk
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- The Dunce

Late one night four individuals who knew not of each other were coincidentally converging on the same intersection... as they crossed the streets, some asshole swerved while clubbing a baby seal and screaming Jesus Saves out the window of his giant SUV running a red light and taking out a telephone pole, causing all four men to be struck by high voltage wires... corralled into the middle of the street they were hit by a dumb truck and when they awoke in a music store all they could formulate was how to shit themselves and make noise. Thus bore the dunce.

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