Strawberry Fist Cake


Voice: Krunchy McSlutFace
Guitar: Om-J DeFistar
Bass: Kynny SaFisted
Drums: Crazy LeFist
Others: Viking - Horns
Genre: Punk
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Strawberry Fist Cake

Welcome to Fist City, a tiny world beneath the sweaty limbs of the Melbourne City punk patch. It's down in this gutter that you'll find the Strawberry Fist Cake kids...most likely passed out in the delicious mixture of booze and vomit.

Fronting this gang of miscreants is Krunchy McSlutFace the third, around mainly for her yelling, scotch guzzling and occasional singing. Shredding the lead stringed thingy with occasional yelling duties and kazoo play is the one and only Count Om-J DeFistar. In charge of smashing, banging and vagina's (sometimes all three at once) is the exotic Mademoiselle Crazy LeFist. Then there is the talented jerk, violating his topsy-turvy over-stringed rumbly doodah, Monsieur Kynny SaFisted.

Crawling from the safety of their gutter late 2010 the quartet (and that term is used solely to make them sound better) quickly had a resounding effect on anyone that would pay attention. Brought together by the common goal of anarchistic, alcohol induced fun, oh and music, they like music too. And so Strawberry Fist Cake came to life.

In the first week of their exit from the womby, birth canals of their cesspit patch, SFC managed to magic up some form of repertoire to present to a local independent film crew. It was on their third visit to the wondrous land known as Midian that the film playback was recorded and the delusion was actualised. {insert sense making segue here} ...playback having been recorded by the infamous John Clifford White, or Johnny Stomper as the Fisters like refer to him, on account of him being the composer of the Romper Stomper soundtrack. The film was shot not long after, realistically making Strawberry Fist Cake's first show a set of two songs mimed repeatedly to a crowd of about 10 people who occasionally moved around the room, but still managed to cheer louder than 63 people. (Self indulgent plug - the film is called Sado and will be released late 2011 and three SFC songs will appear on the soundtrack.)

Having gone from guttery nothing to appearing in a film, Strawberry Fist Cake's next course of action was recording a track to appear on the Valenteen Records punk/psycho compilation "Raise the Bar" (to be released by mid 2011) {insert muchos gratuities to Craig "Dogsday" Jones for the recording here}.

2011 saw the Fisters hit the road with Jananese punk veterans The Jet Boys followed shortly after by their own headline tour where they sold out of coasters, mildly resembling CD's, with the words "We're Not Angry, Just Disappointed" on them (there was also a pretty picture).

Bring in 2012 and things got crazy with the release of their live album creatively titled "It's Alive Album" and the full length split CD, "Thicker & Fuller" with fellow Melbourne douche bags The Half Pints.
To make things worse (for other people on the street that is) they drove the back roads of Australia once again with those gentle giants of Canadian rock'n'roll, Rehab For Quitters.

What's around? Be scared and prepared for a new single to keep you tied over until the inevitable release of their debut full length album, featuring tracks like "Kate Farts", Cancers A Jerk" & "Who The Fuck Shuts The Bar At 11pm".

And remember, If you don't have a fist in ya, it's no fun!


Toy Dolls, Macc Lads, Maximum the Hormone, Dropkick Murphys, Suicide Machines, CockSparrer, Ramones, Ya mum, DAAS,


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Strawberry Fist Cake
Strawberry Fist Cake
@strawberry-fist-cake • one month ago
Strawberry Fist Cake
@strawberry-fist-cake • one month ago
Strawberry Fist Cake
@strawberry-fist-cake • one month ago
Strawberry Fist Cake
Strawberry Fist Cake
Strawberry Fist Cake
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