Voice: Dave Perron
Guitar: Keith Wrench - Guitar & Vocals
Bass: Nate Erney - Bass & Vocals
Drums: Ronn Pifer

Genre: Hardcore Thrash Punk
Location: Wilmington, NC
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- S.O.L.

S.O.L. is from Wilmington,NC and started in 2009. We have had a few members come and go, including Ramzi Ateyeh (drummer from Buzzov*en), the current line up and most powerful isKeith Wrench - guitar and vocals (former member of Betrayer, Faceloss & All Tore Up), Nate Erney - bass & vocals, Dave Perron - lead vocals and Ronn Pifer - drums. Our style is hardcore, thrash, punk, with some metal added in. We are fast, aggressive, and love playing shows. Keith Wrench is the only original member, and has continued to pursue the vision and goals for the band, even through all the ups and downs. Our goal is to play out of town as much as possible; get our music as far out there as possible, continue to write heart pounding in your face music, and have fun while doing it. We are not looking to be rock stars we just love what we do. If you like our music please like us on Reverbnation and Facebook. If interested in swapping shows, please get up with us, and let's rock some venues!


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