Skum Shine


Voice: Ryguy, Trevboss
Guitar: Ryguy, Scads
Bass: Trevboss
Drums: Roger
Others: Mekare, Karen, Daryl-lynn, Anyone whos around
Genre: Folk Punk Rock Pop
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Skum Shine

Group of punks, streetkids, hippies, vagabonds, nomads, travellers, drunks, space caddets, prophets, untalented assholes get together and write music and jam with eachother. Sometimes we play shows and release albums. Most of the time they are drunkenly sloppy full of innapropriate laughter. Recently had our latest album "Warm beer and a cold sleeping bag" Recorded by Murray from the Dayglo Abortions, should be released very soon and it will be in honour of Bryan James Crook, our lead guitar player and founding member who just recently passed away. We love you bryan, this ones for you.

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Yo sup I’m at ‭‭+1 (705) 303-8537‬‬