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Sick Boys Radio

We are based out of San Clemente, CA and are made up of members of Dr. Bob's Nightmare

Live Shows Tuesday and Thursday 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern on www.OldFXPunkRadio.com

Podcasts air Wednesday 7pm Pacific / 10PM Eastern on www.PoDunkRadio.com

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Sick Boys Radio Episode 269 - May 31, 2016

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Sick Boys Radio Episode 269 - May 31, 2016

Originally aired live on www.OldFXPunkRadio.com

Rebroadcast on PoDunkRadio.com


Hazardous Terror - Nuclear Waste (New Version)
D.R.I. - Anonymity
Evul Maniax - Suicide watch
Whiskey Tax - American Dream
False Profit - Double Crossed
D.R.I. - As Seen On TV
Second Hand Citizens - Why Vote
Snide - Go On
Vomit - Move Your Feet
TITS - We're so Glad Elvis is Dead
Resuscitators - The Ataris Ruined My So Called Sex Life
Atrocity Solution - Banshee
Dead Rejects - Dead Chords
Eskera - Xicano Ska
The Real McCoys - Another Pint Will Do
Days N Daze - To Risk To Live

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