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Sick Boys Radio

We are based out of San Clemente, CA and are made up of members of Dr. Bob's Nightmare

Live Shows Tuesday and Thursday 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern on www.OldFXPunkRadio.com

Podcasts air Wednesday 7pm Pacific / 10PM Eastern on www.PoDunkRadio.com

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Sick Boys Radio Episode 254 - April 7, 2016

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Sick Boys Radio Episode 254 - April 7, 2016

Featuring our interview with Chachi On Acid!

Originally aired live on www.oldfxpunkradio.com

BANDS - For airplay, send mp3s/bio to



Personality Crisis - Empty Sky
Stretch Marks - Who's In Charge
Personality Crisis - Creatures For Awhile
Plasmatics - A Pig Is A Pig
The Simpletones - I Like Drugs
The Lewd - I'm Not Pretty
The Simpletones - Don't Bother Me
Chachi On Acid - Speed City Radio
Chachi On Acid - Mange Merde
Chachi On Acid - Fuck You Very Much
Chachi On Acid - My Blurry Fuckin' Head
Chachi On Acid - Recycle This You Pantywaste
0:30 : Chachi On Acid Interview
0:49 : Chachi On Acid - The Wrong People Shut The Fuck Up
Chachi On Acid - B-52's
The Kreutzer Sonata - No Empathy
Nihilist Cunt - Relationshits
The Kreutzer Sonata - Excessive Pride
Nihilist Cunt - Salvia/ D-Beat
S.P.A.R. - Punk Police
S.P.A.R. - Cash for Chaos
The Malakas - Satan Song
Old Style Rascals - Burn It Down
Bobby Baseball Bat - Rocker Girl
Old Style Rascals - Finger Poison
Bobby Baseball Bat - Rock N Roll Summer Time
Last Seen Laughing - Screw U
Komintern Sect - La belle vie
Verbal Abuse - I Hate You
S.P.A.R - Full of Shit/ Full of Hate
CrashDollz - Fuck Me Nation
Tear Them Down - Modern Times
Bad Antics - Kicked Out.mp3
The Atomic Bombs - If A Carrot Could Scream
The Virus - Rats In The City
The Titty Twisters - This Is Not Reality
Last Seen Laughing - Reminiscence
Rudimentary Peni - Teenage Time Killer
Subhumans - Big Brother
Rudimentary Peni - The Gardener
Scream - Came Without Warning
Resist - Hero
Bad Antics - Narcolepsy
Bad Antics - Raisins

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