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Sick Boys Radio

We are based out of San Clemente, CA and are made up of members of Dr. Bob's Nightmare

Live Shows Tuesday and Thursday 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern on www.OldFXPunkRadio.com

Podcasts air Wednesday 7pm Pacific / 10PM Eastern on www.PoDunkRadio.com

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Sick Boys Radio Episode 247 - March 15, 2016

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Sick Boys Radio Episode 247 - March 15, 2016

Originally aired live on www.oldfxpunkradio.com

Rebroadcast 3/16/2015 on www.podunkradio.com

BANDS - For airplay, send mp3 tracks and info to SickBoysRadio@gmail.com


The Logs - Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll
The Varukers - Murder
Rotunda - Neutron Bomb
Media Blitz - The Losing Race
The Criminals - You Stupid Fuck
The Odd Advantage - A.D.D.
Skankshot - Dubster Diving
The Cheated - We Are The Government
CHARLIExSHEEN - Intro/Carlos Irwin Estevez
Topper Harley - Rage
Nihilist Cunt - Throwaway Society
Media Blitz - Never Grow Up
The Criminals - Johnny Mnuemonia
The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Baby, I'm A Nihilist
Wingnut Dishwasher's Union - Jesus Does the Dishes
The Odd Advantage - 911
The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Two Months Off
Unit F - Direct Action Now
Viva Hate - Goodnight My Love
Media Blitz - Thanks For Nothing
The Varukers - Hatred
Rotunda - Die My Darling

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