Rev Soul


Genre: Alternative
Location: Montreal
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Rev Soul

REVSOUL Here are a few things to know about REVSOUL: He started his music career over a decade ago, as guitarist-singer 2 of the punk band Velcro Soul, then as singer of the grunge band Smile You're Dead, and finally as frontman/composer of the urban-industrial rock band Nein CREED. He's currently working on 3 projects, one which showcases his interests in experimental dance music (273 Blocks Over), one that's just a good old rock'n'roll band (The Brieface) and the other focusing more on his 'pop songs with a twist'. His influences are varied: Prince, Ministry, NIN, Moby, Cosmosis, Koxbox, Timbaland, AC/DC. The pop music he writes has elements of hiphop, r'n'b and soul, but his alternative and rock backround comes through nonetheless. Sometimes harsh music can have a definite pop mainstream appeal, and RevSoul strives to do exactly that. He sings, plays guitar and keyboards, does his own programming and sampling, he's a man with many hats. He plans to release material for all of his projects in the very near future. 273 Blocks Over (or 273B.O. for short) material will be in the form of downloadable album, The Brieface will release their frist demo...finally, whereas his urban-pop songs will be released under the RevSoul moniker. Last but not least, REVSOUL is not his real name, but then you don't really have to know that! Just enjoy!


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