Reptilians From Andromeda


Voice: Aybike Celik Ozbey
Guitar: Tolga Ozbey
Bass: Merve Ertuğrul
Drums: Taylan Turan

Genre: Post Punk, Alternative
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Reptilians From Andromeda

Reptilians from Andromeda (aka RFA),is an nowave punk band from İstanbul Turkey.

Band was formed by Tolga Özbey and Aybike Celik Özbey as "Solar Chaos" in 2013 

after 20 years of carrier Tolga Özbey disband his 90's well-kown Turkish punk rock band Rashit. 

It's like getting rip off from mainstream music and backing to roots of do it yourself music.

At the begining Solar Chaos was an instrumental, experimental, videoart band who sounds 

on genres like avangarde, artrock, post-punk, garage . They were making video collages 

from found footages on their very unique experimental audio matterial. They released a 

self-titled diy album in 2013. In 2016 this recording was released from Canadian avangard

record label Fuck Yr Body Up. All tracks in that album also has a visual track which 

was made in form of video montage method.

And than band changed its name into Reptilians from Andromeda in 2013 due to they just 

began to record music with lyrics which was writen by Aybike Celik Ozbey.

Reptilians, record and produce their music in a do it yourself attitude.

They're using vintage sound equipments on their recordings, 4 track tape recorders,

reel-to-reel tape recorders, analog guitar effect pedals, vintage microphones, old radios for 

noise producing, theremins and vintage drum machines and rhythm boxes.

So their unique sound can be describe as in terms of lo-fi, garage and nowave music.

They use Johnny the Tramp name as the drummer. A fictional character that they produce for their drum machine recordings.

But in April 2016 Taylan Turan has been join into the band as a drummer who played before in bands like 28.50 (France),

Toz ve toz, Ricochet, iki direk arası temaşa (Turkey).

In time RFA is based in Istanbul and they were released 4 Eps and an album from indiependent US labels. 


Reptilians from Andromeda self-titled K7 Cassette Ep released by Dead Plant Records (US)

Reptilians from Andromeda "Jungle Highness" Ep by Subruckus Collective (US) on CD

Reptilians from Andromeda self-titled Ep by Spirit Goth records (US) on CD/itunes/spotify

Reptilians from Andromeda "Loves gonna destroy us" Ep by Spirit Goth records (US) on CD/itunes/spotify

Reptilians from Andromeda "Lament for a Party Girl" Cd from 1000 Islands records (US)

Reptilians from Andromeda "Sonic Rabbit Hole" Cd from Small Bear Records (UK)

Reptilians from Andromeda "Whatever" K7 Cassette Album from Illuminated Paths (US)

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