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The Stungrenades

The Stungrenades

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 360
Date Aired: May 23, 2016 9:00 PM
Genre: Punk
Location: New Plymouth, New Zealand
The Stungrenades
The Stungrenades
Song Title:
Use Once And Destroy
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Songs Featured On Loud Fast Shitty
Use Once and Destroy / Time To Die / 666-13
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The Stungrenades are flash bang, not flash in the pan.
Born out desperation, fuelled by the promise that punk rock can be a threat again, it might be a sunny day, but work is sparse, wages are down and the bastards in power have declared class war upon us.

The Stungrenades are an answer to a question that should be asked, "How can pre-packaged rebellion take on the establishment?" You won't see us in bondage pants and leather jackets, we are working class, at work we wear overalls or shorts and t-shirts for the builders among us. The frustrations of getting into your 30's and nothing changing from when you were an angst-riddled teen, turn on the radio and it's heavy riffs for 30 seconds, then a mellow bit with soft vocals, and we are supposed to call that Rock n Roll? Like the name says, we play flash-bang punk rock with no holds barred, short, sharp and to the point that our politicians are scumbags, hell bent on our demise, work like a dog to stay just above poverty, distracted by the new shiny gadget, or the lie that someone below you has got it easier, or sent off to fight in a war, not for nations but corporations with their bottom line as the bottom line.

Keep it, we don't want a part of it, we will never become acceptable superstars, we are who we are and we do what we do, play hard fast and straight up Punk because that's what we love,never mind the flaccid mediocre rock on the radio and t.v, this is us, here and now. Ignore at your peril.

"The Stungrenades delivered blitzkrieg pissed-off punk on their Front Towards Enemy debut. And with 11 songs delivered in less than 15 minutes, the speed and disposition of The Stungrenades’ street punk was fierce, all the fuckin’ time." - Six Noises Blog.

"The Stungrenades hail from New Plymouth, New Zealand and feature Craig Bastard (vocals), T-Boner (guitars), Scotty Shmuck (bass) and Cam Grenade (drums). They've burst onto the scene this year with a debut single, 666-13 and debut album, Front Toward Enemy. With most of the songs clocking in around the 1 minute mark, The Stungrenades certainly live up to their name, brief explosions of glorious noise will send you reeling before they push onto the next track." - Just Some Punk Songs Blog

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