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The Roughies

The Roughies

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 333
Date Aired: September 7, 2015 9:00
Genre: Punk
Location: Oakland, California
The Roughies
The Roughies
Song Title:
What's Your Plan For The Wasteland
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Songs Featured On Loud Fast Shitty
Indian Burial Ground / Something Useful To Do / Nawlins
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“As long as hypocrisy exists, there will always be a place for political punk rock. Local band the Roughies, take aim at the U.S. government on their 2013 EP What's Your Plan for the Wasteland? They breeze through a handful of tom-tom-pounding, Dead Kennedys-esque songs. (The singer even sing-rants with a similar timbre of Jello Biafra.) The lyrics range from the bleaker end of the spectrum on "Banker Song" ("Watch them write rules like they're not even trying to lie anymore.") to the more satirical title track ("Why fight with the dying, when you can rest and be dead?/We all need survival like a hole in the head.") all while delivering anthemic catchy tunes.”

— Amulya Dalta, San Jose Metro

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