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Burn Out

Burn Out

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 330
Date Aired: August 17, 2015 9:00
Genre: Melodic PunkRock
Location: Switzerland
Burn Out
Burn Out
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Songs Featured On Loud Fast Shitty
Sweeper Keeper / Boyfriend / Grandmothers Love Song
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Since 20 years Burn Out is known, for honest, straight melodic punk and energetic live shows. The drum grooves, the thunderous guitars, the unmistakable voice of the lead singer and the harmonic background vocals are a feature of the band 's style. Burn Out stays for the funny side of life! The lyrics are neither politically nor socially – motivated. We tell of the everyday madness like "Just have Fun". Influenced from a wide range of punk history the fans can expect a more varied, powerful punk rock , which takes your pulses racing.

Burn Out was founded in 1994. At the beginning, our set consisted of a majority of cover versions. More and more replaced by your own compositions. On 15 April 2000, we celebrated our first own CD "punkier than your mother". Celebrates with an big concert in typical punk style.

After many concerts, return from 2002 a slightly quieter time. Nevertheless, we played at the Defcon '03, a Swiss Punk Rock Festival.

In the year 2004 Burn Out celebrated its 10th anniversary. In winter 2006 Burn Out participated in a contest in the Swiss Alpenrock House. After our victory we won a concert together with Motörhead, Gotthard , Shakra and many more in the Land of marmots.

In 2006 our drummer, Daniel, died by an helicoptercrash. An uncertain time for Burn Out began.

2009 joined Ronny Marty the band. With him we found an equivalent successor to Daniel. Since our reformation in 2009, we experienced a few highlights , like support of the legendary Pennywise, The Misfits or the Italian ska-heroes "Red Ska".

After a long production time we released our second album "the Resurrection" on 22.06.2013.

We are as ready as we never where before. The show goes on.

C ya punks !

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