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Explosion Theory

Explosion Theory

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 317
Date Aired: April 27, 2015 9:00
Genre: Hardcore Punk Rock
Location: NYC
Explosion Theory
Explosion Theory
Song Title:
Run Rat Run
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Songs Featured On Loud Fast Shitty
Final Destination / Fast Lane / Interference
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“This is some sort of hybrid of tough metal/hardcore pop and well played music in general.”
Peter Thorsson - Skrutt Magazine

“For any listeners out there in law enforcement, this would make a great soundtrack for kicking in someone’s door.”
Ray Cavanaugh - Skope Magazine

“What makes Explosion Theory really stand out is their musicianship and song crafting ability that allows them to fuse so many different styles of music without ever coming off as muddled or confusing.”
James Damion - United by Rocket Science