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Dead End Job

Dead End Job

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 315
Date Aired: April 6, 2015 9:00
Genre: Alternative / Punk Rock
Location: Kent, Ohio
Dead End Job
Dead End Job
Song Title:
Shut The Hell Up
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Shut The Hell Up / Sex Robot / Teenage Eulogy
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In 2010, 16-year-old choir member and amateur guitarist Danny Rickard decided he was tired of admiring the likes of Billie Joe Armstrong and Justin Sane on a computer screen, wishing he could be like them. The time had come for him to start his own pop-punk band. He spent most of his sophomore year taping Musicians Wanted flyers to the walls of Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent, Ohio. The flyers went unanswered for six months, as most bassists and drummers had no interest in being part of a punk group (they were mostly preoccupied with metalcore bands). Fed up, Danny asked his friend Aidan Printy to play bass for the unborn project, even though Aidan had never picked up a bass in his life. He readily accepted the offer, as did Marc Blanc, a local drummer.

Danny, Aidan, and Marc came together for the first time in Marc’s bedroom in August of 2011. Aidan had purchased a bass and Marc had replaced his dresser with his drum kit. The three called themselves Dead End Job and played their first show four months later in Danny’s basement for five friends.

In their two years together, Dead End Job has self-released two EPs, been asked to a record a song for a feature film, played dozens of shows in the northeast Ohio area, opened for the Misfits, headlined an Amnesty International benefit concert, and have garnered a committed fanbase.

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