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Coasting On Potential

Coasting On Potential

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 310
Date Aired: March 2, 2015 9:00
Genre: Pop Punk / Punk Rock / Hardcore
Location: Endwell, NY
Coasting On Potential
Coasting On Potential
Song Title:
Loose Lips Sink Ships
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Interview / Weekend Hockey / Come Around / Bring Me Solo & The Wookie
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Coasting On Potential is Pop-Punk/Hardcore band from Endwell, NY. They have just released their new album "This Past Year" which is available to stream here or you can purchace it on their Bandcamp page as well as Physical copies are avaliable at their shows.

The band includes; Rob Hungerford, Justin Lindenthaler, Nate Pecson, Dan Calderone & Justin DiTommaso.

-See more at: https://www.punkbandpromotions.com/coasting-on-potential