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Officer Down

Officer Down

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 305
Date Aired: January 26, 2015 9:00
Genre: Melodic Punk / Hardcore
Location: Evesham / Bristol, UK
Officer Down
Officer Down
Song Title:
Ghost Of Blackened Days
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You Can't Make An Action Movie Without Snapping A Few Necks / Haunt These Streets / Stray Dogs
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Officer Down are a melodic punk/hardcore band from Evesham UK formed in February 2005, For the first year Officer Down were locked away writing material, 10 of these tracks went on to become 'Led By Lies, Christians & Money' which was recorded by now Bass Player Shay and released on EHC Records in 2006.
To support the record we played a few shows around the UK and set up a mini tour of Ireland, this saw the departure of Loz on Bass. Shay learnt the set in a couple of days before and filled in on bass duties.
In 2007 we travelled to Latvia to play Zvera Fest and hit the studio to record tracks for 'Tent City Records' (home of such bands as Choking Victim/The Foamers etc) this was released in the form of a 2xCD split with Mad Conductor/Suicide Bid/Atrocity Solution/Public Serpents the following year. 'Time To Break Your Fall' from this CD received airplay on the BBC Radio 1 Punk show a number of times
In 2008 we supported the release of 'When The Bombs Drop' playing everywhere and anywhere doing UK and European tours going to Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg and playing shows most weekends while all holding down jobs/uni. That year we also got to play Rebellion festival and City Invasion with bands like Agnostic Front and US Bombs. We got offered shows with the mighty ‘As Friends Rust’ on their reunion tour and with one of our biggest influences ‘Strike Anywhere’.
2009 hit us in the face Rebellion asked us back to play again and we were gigging most weekends, highlight's being main support for ‘Leftover Crack’ and a few shows with ‘Star Fucking Hipsters’ as well as another European tour.
2010 was when things got harder. we released the 'What It Takes' EP on itunes (which were our tracks from the 'When The Bombs Drop' comp) but due to band differences we parted ways with Drummer Will. He was replaced by Alex Harley, we continued where we left off and started writing material for our next album
In 2011 We hit the studio once again and recorded our first official studio album. The Track 'Bleed It Dry' was used as part of a Split 7" with label mates 'The Infested' which came out shortly before the album 'Thrown To The Water' which was recorded by Dave Draper.To support the album we embarked on our third European tour and hitting Germany for the first time.
at the end of 2011 the real word hit us after solidly touring and gigging as much as we could since 2006, we went on hiatus for a year so everyone could focus on jobs/careers. At the start of 2013 we made the decision to fire up the band.
A mutual decision was made that saw Alex Harley leave the band he was replaced by Niall Jones.
After practicing for 6 months we played our first show in just under 2 years.
At the end of 2013 we started tracking for our 2nd studio album, during the process commitments and mutual agreement within the band saw the departure of one of the founding members Alistair.
In 2014 we hit the studio now as a three piece to record a new album. This followed by an east coast US tour with Dead City Riot.
The record we recorded earlier in the year will be out in July 2014 on TNS Records and is titled 'Dead Lands', it has already recieved airplay on Radio 1. A Mainland tour of europe and numerous gigs around the UK are booked to promote the release.

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