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Poison Politix

Poison Politix

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 300
Date Aired: December 22, 2014 9:00
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Northern Front Range Colorado.
Poison Politix
Poison Politix
Song Title:
See You In Hell
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Interview W/ Tommy Gun / Beer Nazis / See You In Hell / The Selfish Ways
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The name Poison Politix came from a CNN headline about the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.
Original Line up was George, Tommy, and Mike Maness. In 2014 Matt Mosher and Rob Frenette joined the group.
It's been a long 6 years since the band was formed, Our original bassist Mike Maness just left and We Found two new members to come aboard. We started off playing our Shows in Longmont, at places like Group therapy, The deli zone, Angelo's tapes and cd's, The Dickens Opera house, 3's bar, and the Rocky mountain saloon. In 2011 we we invited to be among the 13 punk bands playing Colorado chaos 3 at Hodis half note.
2014 brings a new era to the band, not only do we have two new members but we have really started taking matters into our own hands as far as booking shows.

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