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No One Wins

No One Wins

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 299
Date Aired: December 15 9:00
Genre: Pop / Punk / Melodic Hardcore
Location: Avondale, AZ
No One Wins
No One Wins
Song Title:
This Is Not Goodbye
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Interview W/Kurtis / Don't Be Gay / Grab The Girl By The Horns / This Is Not Goodbye
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NOxONExWINS is an explosive new band from Avondale AZ. Formed in late May of 2013 this group of musically inclined friends, Kurtis Curfew (rhythm guitar, lead vocals) Kelvin Boswell (bass/screams) Zack Prather (lead guitar/backups) and John Fisher (drums). Got together with one goal in mind... To have fun with their friends and write music they could be proud of. They just finished recording their second EP "This Is Not A Test" with Jalipaz at Audioconfusion studios in Mesa and have been playing all over the AZ punk scene making fast friends with fellow bands and fans alike. Their brand of pop punk is seemingly complex but surprisingly simple, with all the precision of a metal drummer (John) and lead gutarist (Zack) playing well below their pay grade a songwriter (Kurtis) who writes to their strengths and a bass player (Kelvin) who provides the backbone and helps form ideas into songs. This band is out to prove that punk isn't dead it just gained a few and got a day job.

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