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The Riverside Odds

The Riverside Odds

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 298
Date Aired: December 8, 2014 9:00
Genre: Punk / Speed Rock
Location: Philadelphia, PA
The Riverside Odds
The Riverside Odds
Song Title:
Losing Control
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Interview w/RW & Matt / Philly Skyline / Pissing In The Gene Pool / Losing Control
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The Riverside Odds provide nothing but volatile energy and in-your-face vocals in between gulps of beer and whiskey. Lead singer RW Griswold floors the crowd with rough and heavy vocals consisting of two-minute maximum songs of fighting, drinking, women and The Iron Sheik. Guitarist Matt Muscarella rails with speed rock meets punk rock riffs while paired with Lead guitarist Dan Beswick’s thrashing licks. Drummer Darren Walbridge bangs harder and faster than most bands in the scene, while bassist Tim Griswold with his thick bass lines clearly lay the foundation of the songs for a solidly layered effect from a five piece punk band that have been compared to as a mix of such iconic bands as Black Flag, Dwarves and Motörhead, to name a few.

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