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Angry Cows

Angry Cows

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 286
Date Aired: September 8, 2014 9:00
Genre: Punk Rock / Garage
Location: Koprivnica, Croatia
Angry Cows
Angry Cows
Song Title:
School Girls
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Sorry / Bang Bang / Ugly, Fat and Blonde
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After a four year break, once a four-band, today's trio, Angry Cows are working on new songs and rehearse old ones. Concerts are planned for the fall 2011th. Going into the studio and record new songs, along with upcoming concerts are one of Angry Cows priorities. Dale, Serta and Mara create songs with enough energy, dance rhythms and melodies that Angry Cows this time decided to show as a trio. Cow's concerts are always bursting with energy, so that trio now and at this time announcing a lot of uncompromising raw moo-sex-punk-rock.

In a one word: soon in your nearest barn in town!

To stream and download is offered never released complete album "the Angry Cows" taken 2005th In the Edi Lord's song studio, and so far only a couple of songs from the so-called legendary and never finished "recording Basment's" album, shot in the Robi's basement 2007th, what is something like the last thing A.C. recorded so far.

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