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4 Past Midnight   01 Any Other Way
Albion Gold   02 Autoimmune
Asylum XIII   03 Will Of God
Bat Nouveau   04 The Cry
Benefit State   05 Fester
Black Mountain Moonshine   06 Downfall
Black Space Riders   07 Bang Boom War (Outside My Head)
Deep Reduction   08 Dragline
Downer Pigs   09 Redrum
Drunk in a Dumpster   10 I'm Done
Fabrikation   11 Android
Half Life   12 Grind

Half Life 12 Grind

album: Assault & BATtery Compilation
genre: Various

History Repeated   13 Like A Brick
Henry Cluney (Stiff Little Fingers)   14 Electric Blue
Hope Through Hostility   15 EPOCH
Kansalaistottelemattomuus   16 Free The Herb
The Lost Cause   17 Death From Above
Memphis Mike and the Legendary Tremblers   18 Little Juliet
The Mescaline Babies   19 Ashtray Head
Mongrel   20 Wake Up

Mongrel 20 Wake Up

album: Assault & BATtery Compilation
genre: Various

Mudstuck   21 Mudstucked
No Thrills   22 Dead To The Core
Oi Polloi   23 Ionnsaigh Adhair
Others   24 The Ricin Ball
Pantychrist   25 No Gods, No Masters
Radiostorm   26 Misery
Redliners   27 Everyone Looks Better at Night
Rodents of Unusual Size   28 Rodents Rise
Royal Acid Orchestra   29 Point of No Return
Scanner   30 Death and Grief and Sorrow and Murder
Smileyfoot   31 Open Sesame
Spider Gods   32 Don't Turn Away
Stay Down   33 Heaven to Me
Stillwater Rose   34 Midnight Train
Stone Heroes   35 Engineering
Switchblade Villian   36 Go Go UFO
Technikult of Flesh   37 Save Me
Texas Terri Bomb!   38 Never Shut Up
Trailer Park Cowboys   39 Still Know Her Name
The Upshots   40 Three Chord Opera
Undercover Monsters   41 I Don't Care
Vegas Death Rays   42 Sick Love
Vice Squad   43 Punk Rock Radio
Voice of Addiction   44 Modern Day Meltdown
Zen Fuck Ups   45 Fight
Scanner   46 War Machines
Benefit State   47 Cake
Zen Fuck Ups   48 Static