Voice: Scott Hoogland
Guitar: Mike Silva
Bass: Danny Kaye
Drums: Paul Land

Label: Vrrrooooom
Genre: Punk
Location: Orange County, CA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Poop

POOP, part of a complete childhood... a childhood that has no end. LOUD! LOUD! Hear it and feel it… the sound of rebellion and wild animals. Untamed, set free and raging. Rock ‘n' roll motherfuckers. Real loud! Shellshock LOUD! It might take your head off kind of loud. Pump your heart right into yer throat kind of loud. Hear it. See it. Feel it. Taste it kind of loud that is all too crazy, too fucked up and primal that only screaming and howling - pouring more noise onto ground zero is the only thing that feels close to being right.

RIKK AGNEW - GUITAR: Rikk's name has become synonymous with the O.C. PUNK sound. His songs pushed The Adolescents to the top of the Southern California hardcore scene with their first LP. He followed this with his first solo LP, ALL BY MYSELF, another classic before joining GOTH legends CHRISTIAN DEATH for their landmark debut ONLY THEATRE OF PAIN. Returning to his hardcore roots, he blasted his way through two LP's with D.I. before taking a second turn with the Adolescents for two more sets. Two more solo discs plus umpteen appearances as guitar slinger for several bands including ADZ, DAS KLOWN, and 45 GRAVE. Then silence... Right? Kick this.

STEVE PRATT - DRUMS: (coming soon)

SCOTT HOOGLAND - YELL: Played his first show not knowing any of the songs, having been handed a list of song titles the day before. Crazy fucker actually believes that rock and roll is a living breathing kaboomafuck that screams with every freedom to be heard, ringing forever... no end. Considers his vocal parts as the third guitar, and figures the song has yet to be written, so let the animal loose. Broke bones and teeth while playing in THE MECHANICS, LA MORT, THE WEASELS, and once played a show (guesting with some old band mates) wearing little more than a jar of mayonnaise. Dies his hair red so that during shows it appears that he sweats blood.

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