Owners: Jacks Insanity
Location: Paris, TX
Label: Podunk Records


PoDunk Radio

PoDunk Radio is devoted to helping promote independent punk musicians, bands, and record labels through radio airplay. We stream 24/7 at 128/kbps. 

If you would like to get your band in rotation on our station or featured on one of our shows send us an email!
submissions (@) podunkradio dot com

love, peace and bacon grease, bitches!

Radio Schedule - all times CST

  7pm - Loud, Fast, Shitty

12pm - PoDunk Punk Show
  6pm - Brothers Grim Punk Cast
  8pm - Sick Boys Radio
  9pm - Best Table in Hell

  7pm - The Tony Jones Show
  8pm - The Noise Floor

  8pm - Not for Air Radio

  6pm - LFS Replay
  8pm - Underground Horror Radio

PoDunk Records

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08   The DiMarcos   Sorry Jerry
07   The DiMarcos   He Died Doing What He Hated
06   3rd Times a Charm   It's Not Worth It
05   3rd Times a Charm   Sam's Song (Nothing Left To Gain)
04   Fighting for Scraps   Lonely Nights (Beefed Up Guitars)
03   Fighting for Scraps   Blue Bridge
34   The Enders   Song For The Working Class
33   The Enders   My Television
30   The Lickers   Make You Mine
31   Teenage Rehab   Dirty Dog (Outboard Mix)
32   Teenage Rehab   Bad Dreams
01   Flagass   Close to the Chest
28   Ghosts in the Valley   Bad Day
29   The Lickers   Vyvyan
27   Ghosts in the Valley   She Rises
24   Stevie Bastard   It's Time For a Class War
25   Animal Train   Baby Steps
26   Animal Train   Thin Thread
23   Stevie Bastard   Are You Ready For A Third World War
22   Kombatants   Ruck 'N' Oi!
19   Chachi On Acid   Destroy Everything
21   Kombatants   Moonstomp
02   Flagass   Flagass
20   Chachi On Acid   Fucked Up
18   Fucktard   Jesus Was a Punk
17   Fucktard   Crack Baby
16   The Pharmacists   DC Cherry Bomb
15   The Pharmacists   Vultures
13   This Side of Anarchy   Nothing's Perfect
14   This Side of Anarchy   Slave to the State
11   Minor Decline   Puke Parade
10   The Bloody Muffs   Yoink!
12   Minor Decline   I.F.Y.M
9. Switchblade Justice   You Gonna Die
8. The Enders   Split Decision
6. Public Perverts   Fist Fight
7. Rex 84   States of Fear
5. The Cock Blocks   Jill Dettling
4. Short Temper   Fuck Shit Up
2. Animal Train   N.R.A.
34. Awesome Opossum   The Republican Primary Don't Mean Nothing
35. The New Criminal   On Haunted Hill
32. Dogz On Parole   Wish I Only Knew
33. Yo!Scunt   I Was a Kid In Special Ed.
31. Vividly Dim   See Punk Run
30. Mongrel   Declamation
3. He Man Woman Haters   In To Deep
29. Soto St.   We Dont Want It, We Dont Need It
28. I.D.F.K.   Fish Taco
27. The Zits   Teenage Fatass
25. Liquid Furniture   Last Pirate (Brutal Sea Mix)
26. Rad Company   Suffer This
24. Greenlight Graffiti   Sally
23. Animal Train   Drunk, Punk, and Pissed Off (PoDunk Edit)
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