Owners: Jacks Insanity
Location: Paris, TX
Label: Podunk Records


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PoDunk Radio

PoDunk Radio is devoted to helping promote independent punk musicians, bands, and record labels through radio airplay. We stream 24/7 at 128/kbps. 

If you would like to get your band in rotation on our station or featured on one of our shows send us an email!
submissions (@) podunkradio dot com

love, peace and bacon grease, bitches!

Radio Schedule - all times CST

  7pm - Loud, Fast, Shitty

12pm - PoDunk Punk Show
  6pm - Brothers Grim Punk Cast
  8pm - Sick Boys Radio
  9pm - Best Table in Hell

  7pm - The Tony Jones Show
  8pm - The Noise Floor

  8pm - Not for Air Radio

  6pm - LFS Replay
  8pm - Underground Horror Radio

PoDunk Records

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PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp Vol. 1

13. Section 242   Death Machine