One Bud Wiser


Guitar: Dan - Bust's Strings, and Yodles
Bass: Mick - Slap's Wood
Drums: Dion - Beat's on Shit

Genre: Punk
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- One Bud Wiser

Once there were four, then there were three.. then there was another three.. We kept playing music, some people likes us, some people loathed us.. Seems our job is half done!!! One Bud Wiser are an Australian Punk / Rock band who's influences range from decades of music.. From the stylings of Pink Floyed to the metal monsters Pantera, NOFX to Chili Peppers, Primus to Foo Fighters over the years OBW's sounds has diversified and created a fresh print on the Australian music scene. With no limit to style and driven by passion for making music OBW have begun to pave the way to energic thrash melodic punk to Ballads accompanied by funk or metal beats...

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One Bud Wiser
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