Nuclear Tomorrow


Voice: Mikey - Guitar, Vocals
Guitar: Zane- Guitar,Vocals
Bass: Scott - Bass, Vocals
Drums: Ryan - Drums, Vocals
Others: Past Members: Jeff, Jason, Duncan, Neil, Tim and Carlos
Genre: Hardcore / Punk Rock
Location: San Diego, CA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Nuclear Tomorrow

It was Summer 2006. Inspired by his 80s punk addiction, Mike wanted to start a band. He started writing a handful of songs with the idea of keeping them short, fast, and loud.
After 20+ songs in 5 years and numerous lineup changes, the band still continues with original members Mike and Robert.

Guitar, Vocals: Mike
Bass, Vocals: Scott (Present), Jason (2007-2009), Jeff (2006-2007)
Drums: Robert (Present, 2006-2008), Carlos (2010), Tim (2009), Neil (2008-2009)
Guitar, Vocals: Zane (2006-2010)

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