Guitar: Nitemirror- Guitar / Vox

Drums: Machine

Label: Blindwave Records
Genre: A mix between punk, outsider pop, and noise
Location: Kansas City, MO
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Nitemirror

NiteMirror is an anti-PR collective aimed at reversing the downward spiral of ignorance created by the centralized banking industry, lawless multinationals, along with prison and military industries. The project transcends pesky wedge issue narratives that derail meaningful public discourse by focusing on a bigger picture of global human community and government/workplace issued disrespect. The project synthesizes many disparate modern music genres in a meaningful and cohesive manner, unlike disjointed postmodernism, to project a future/present beautiful with diversity, community, and mutual respect. Nitemirror is a solo artist created in March 2013. The project is based out of Kansas City. The project blends many modern genres of music including punk, medal, new wave, noise, and electronic. Nitemirror's use drum machines is inspired by rap and the guitar playing is inspired by punk. His first video single Tender Cereal was made by Italian artist Forevermidi, and was released via Youtube.


Punk, Funk, Soul, Rap, and Rock

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Nitemirror - Get on my Level

Nitemirror - Get on my Level
Duration: 00:02:26
single "Get on my Level"

by Nitemirror

off the album "Slime Singles 2014-15"

on Blindwave Records. 2016
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