Voice: Afiq - Vocals/Guitarist
Guitar: Sufian - Guitarist
Bass: Shafiq - Bassist/Back up Vocals
Drums: Umarrudin-Drummer
Others: Nuzul Hakimi - Keyboardist/Back up Vocals
Label: 4HABE studios
Genre: Pop Punk Rock
Location: Singapore
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Mutators

We are the Mutators, a Punk Rock Band in Singapore.Found in 2007.We started out with a few cover of songs by other bands. Then we came out with our first Single 'Anti-Class'.Well,we also gonna represent 'Punk Rock & Roll' music.Listen to our songs,watch our videos,visit our websites,SUBSCRIBE/DOWNLOAD/BE A FAN/LIKE/FOLLOW and last but never least don't forget to spread our Love.

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Twitter - @themutators
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