Maybe Not


Voice: Dave
Guitar: Dave & Gido
Bass: Krisztina
Drums: Tiago

Genre: Punk
Location: Amsterdam, NL.
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Maybe Not

Relatively new on the scene, Maybe Not are a 4 piece from Amsterdam, NL, playing punchy, energetic and catchy punk rock influenced heavily by 90's skate-punk and 80's hardcore.

While no one can really agree on exactly how Maybe Not came to be, scholars maintain that the band's earliest beginnings can be traced back to the following turn of events…

Dave (vocals/guitar) grew up on a tiny island in the South Pacific, with no history of written language or alphabet. All records and information were shared via an oral tradition of songs and dances. It was therefore out of a necessity to explain his culture and ancestry to Europeans that Maybe Not was born.

Tiago (drums/backing vocals) was originally a well renowned child genius, destined for greatness. By age 6, he had invented the “internet”. Excited by the prospect of his new invention, he sunk everything he had into promoting it to investors. However, the “internet” never really took off and he became the laughing stock of the scientific community. After being ran out of his village by an angry mob, he took refuge with Maybe Not, who taught him to play the drums and invited him to stay with them.

Krisztina (bass/backing vocals) actually won her place in Maybe Not as a fourth place prize on the popular television show, Hungary’s Got Talent. Originally a classically trained opera singer, Maybe Not instead gave her a bass to play as, well, nobody else wanted to play bass.

After a long string of unpaid library fines, a judge gave Gido (guitar/backing vocals) a tough choice to make… either join the army, or join Maybe Not. As there were no good wars on at the time, Gido chose Maybe Not.


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