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Bob Noxious - A longtime veteran of Pirate Radio in Tampa, Florida. Bob started broadcasting at the legendary "Party Pirate" 102.1 FM studios around 1997. It was there that he began sharing his personal taste in music and his record collection.

Not wanting to go on the air alone, Bob invited Ick McWang (then known as Kartman or his alter-ego Saul) to bring his CD's in to expand the music collection. The FCC eventually stormed their studios and seized all of the equipment and music in a pre-dawn raid silencing the station. After some time regrouping, and thankfully with the new invention of Napster, 102.1 returned to the airwaves in full force until finally shutting down for good in 2001 due to the financial restraints of operating a pirate radio station on the sly.

From there, Bob went across town and to the far left of the dial, to the the more politically inclined 87x (87.9 FM). 87x was another renegade station that was silenced by the FCC at the same time as the 102.1 raid. Upon their humble return to the airwaves in 2001, they continued to broadcast from the garage below an efficiency apartment and eventually from a storage shed that reeked of gasoline.

While not as comfy in atmosphere as 102.1 FM studios, they did have a transmitter. It was then that Bob began experimenting with pre-recording the shows instead of being overtaken by the deadly fumes (and a podcast is born!).

The demise of 87x could quite possibly be blamed on that hellhole of a tool shed/radio station, but in reality, the FCC was breathing down their necks and the pressure was too much. And then there were no more pirates.

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Episode 331 Loud Fast & Sh!Tty - August 24, 2015 - The Harvest & Deeper Well

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Episode 331 Loud Fast & Sh!Tty - August 24, 2015 - The Harvest & Deeper Well

This week on Episode 331 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob and Erawk welcome The Harvest into the studio. Listen to them play acoustic tracks from their new record in the LFS Green Room. Also featured are Deeper Well, from Montreal, who are this weeks Punk Band Promotions - Band of the Week.

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Better Than A Thousand - Transformation
The Flatliners - I Am Abandoned
The Krays - Invincible
Lagwagon - Dividers
The Harvest - Breaker Bar
Sublime - Seed
Hellacopters - Makes It Alright
Jughead's Revenge - Breaking Worlds
JFA - Park Geek
Iron Lamb - Suicide!
Control - Depressed
Death By Stereo - Something's Changing
Frenzal Rhomb - Fuck You And Your Stupid Band
Cheap Sex - Psychopath
The Worthless - Toxic Shock
Local Resident Failure - (Still) Kickin' On

Deeper Well - Sometimes
Deeper Well - Out Of Focus
Deeper Well - Don't Worry

The Harvest - Soletsgo Moving Company
The Dumpers - Cop Killa
The Hextalls - My Dad vs Shania Twain
The Forgotten - Class Separation
Guttermouth - Second DUI
The Dead Pets - We're Coming Back
Guns On The Roof - Demized
Hard Skin - Skinhead
Born To Lose - Ol' Number 6
The Harvest - Genuine Romance

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