Kombi Killers


Voice: Steve
Guitar: Jason - Guitar & Vocals
Bass: Nick
Drums: Dave

Genre: Punk
Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Kombi Killers

Steve played in the Grogans in the 80's,90's more to be announced. Nic played in QuikFix in 2000's Jason plays in phantom lighter thieves and other bands from new Zealand --discharged --kronic--dead wasted--dave yes played in wrench and other bands gold coast ..konmbi killers has gone through a few bass players in the years and finally meet mr nick--new and awesum at added bass parts to make the songs more aggressive and complete....think dead kennedys and mix the exploited and pixes and misfits -you might get the old school punk mix heavy rock/metal together and u get the latest kk sound..fast / angry / in your face / down right dirty yet short songs and long maybe over 2 minute mark ..come see us to experience the unexpected new kombi killer sound !!


sex pistols,pil,dead kennedys,gbh,expoited,the damned,gen x,peter & the test tube babies,toy dolls,motorhead,anti nowhere leauge,sham 69,the grogans,misfits,the clash........etc....etc....etc

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