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K-USR Radio

UNDERGROUND SKANKING RADIO                                                                                                                   WWW.KUSRRADIO.COM                                                                                                                                                                   Live Show Schedule

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Monday 8pm EST(5pm PST) Loud Fast Shitty Show 

Tuesday 8pm PST(11pm EST) Maximum RockNRoll Radio Show

Wednesday 8pm PST(11pm EST) Sick Boys 

Thursday 8pm EST(5pm PST) MWxBC Skate Punk Show with Dj What Luck

Friday TBA

Saturday 12noon PST(3pm EST) Refuse Resist Show with Dj Dog Patch (Aka: Scott Wilkins of Hollywood Hate X Singer Verbal Abuse)

                   2pm PST(4pm CST) Dj Ryno Saturday Edition 

Sunday 7pm CST(5pm PST) Ryno Radio with Dj Ryno

YellYellYellNOTE TIME ZONESWinkWinkUndecided 

        We are streaming music 24/7 ! 


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