Jack's Smirking Revenge


Voice: Alex "Tight Pants Walk Fast" Pelissero - Guitar/Vocals

Bass: Andrew "The Rock" Cohn - Bass/Vocals
Drums: Tyler "Frodo" Ryan - Drums/Vocals

Genre: Punk, Folk punk, Pop-punk
Location: Boulder, CO
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Jack's Smirking Revenge

Hey, we're Jack's Smirking Revenge. This started out in 2008 as Alex's solo folk punk project, but has since turned into a full electric punk band.


We have a bunch of recordings, all of which you can download. 


Bitter Songs For Bitter People - Demo 2008

Demos Before the Next Demo - 2009

Order/Disorder - 2010

Sluttering EP - 2011

Project Arcturus (Alex wrote, recorded, and released one song a week for a year) - 2012


Against Me!, Jawbreaker, Leonard Cohen, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Phil Ochs, Utah Phillips, Ghost Mice, O Pioneers!!!, The Clash, Crass, Billy Bragg, Frank Turner, Mischief Brew, Woody Guthrie, Subhumans, Johnny Cash, The Gaslight Anthem, The Mountain Goats, (Young) Pioneers, The Replacements, Murder By Death, Neutral Milk Hotel, Smoking Popes.

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