Voice: Koen Van Buggenhout (Vocals + guitar)
Guitar: Mathijs Dhoey (Guitar + Backing Vocals)
Bass: Frederik Verhoeven
Drums: Bart Van Humbeeck

Genre: Pop Punk
Location: Zwijndrecht, Belgium
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Jacket.

Jacket. is a 4-piece poppunk band based in Zwijndrecht, Belgium.
The first two years of the band's existence mostly took place inside the rehearsal room but after some try-out shows, the band achieved a place in the finals of a local, prestigious, band-contest.
Short after that event, the band gets selected for a prestigious contest organized by shoe and clothing manufacturer Macbeth.
The main prize: A gig at the Macbeth stage on groezrock 2011
jacket. was picked out of a groupe of 600 european bands and became one of the 14 contestants who had to compete through internet-voting.

In december 2011, the band shoots their first video in an abandoned warehouse in the ghost-city of Doel, Belgium, as a Christmas gift for their fans.
The result is an acoustic and intimate version of their song "So Long"

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JACKET live @ Doel

JACKET live @ Doel
Duration: 00:05:06
Acoustic version of the song So Long performed at an abandoned warehouse in Doel, Belgium.

Thanks to Mattias Segers and Andreas Vermeulen for filming at these terribly cold temperatures.

Check out other JACKET songs at www.myspace.com/jacketofficial
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