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09   Wrath Upon The Skies   The Blackest Black
08   The Stereo Sound   When The Bitter Becomes The Sweet
07   As Monuments Fall   Becoming What I Fear Most
04   Exit, Emergency   Absent Minded
06   Anthems of Imperium   I See Fire
05   The Stereo Sound   The One Chance (A Chase Not Forgotten)
02   Skylime   It's Not You It's Me
03   Wrath Upon The Skies   Untitled We Stand
29   As Monuments Fall   Edge Of The World
28   Eyes of Mara  Nothing Left
27   Time to Kill   Ashes to Ashes
26   Inception   Lost

26 Inception Lost

album: South By So What- 2014
genre: Other

25   Skyon   Collider

25 Skyon Collider

album: South By So What- 2014
genre: Other

23   Mindless Hope   No Pressure
24   To The Devil A Martyr   Bangher
22   Through Disheartened Veins   Undead Spread
20   Under Paris   Monday Mourning
21  Echoes of Creation   Departing
01   Get Stoked   Hand In Your Demise
19   Mark Their Silence   Oncoming Storm
18   False Heads   Fall Around
17   Improper Burial   Lost Pages
15   Mtns   Over It

15 Mtns Over It

album: South By So What- 2014
genre: Other

16   Things That Hang From Trees   Stolen Goods
12   Somewhere In Between   Openly
14   Big Red Beaver   Shovel
13   Sin Fixx   Faithless

13 Sin Fixx Faithless

album: South By So What- 2014
genre: Other

11   An Everyday Tradition   Hopscotch Is Not My Thing
10   Skylime    Verb The Noun
08   Ithomiid   Convex
09   Faultered Step   Party Song
07   Lesley Jorgensen   Under Norwegian Skies
06   The Tickturds   Fire Inside
04   Blinded Memory   Hypocrite
05   3FT   Anarchy

05 3FT Anarchy

album: Riot Fest Chicago 2013- Day 2
genre: Other

01   The Vibe   Public Enemy
35   Neither Scene Nor Herd   Relapse
34   Arrows At Dawn   You'll Never Win
33   Peacock & The Feathers   Down and Dirty
31   Vector Ruse   In Saturnia
32   Free Spirit   Far Away from Heaven
30   Kevin Farkas   Bring It On
02   Beyond the Victory   Paradigm
29   Enemy Proof   Shingles
27   A Zombie Ate My Cupcake   Death To The World
28   The Final Chapter   As the City Burns
26   Chasing Immortality   Her Lips May Poison
25   ExDevils   D.M.F.D.
24   Faith and Fiction   The Indoor Kid
23   Inception   Ocean of Dreams
22   Sheldon Vance   What Remains
21   Counterweight   Uggs and Yoga Pants
19   Black Vendetta   Tennis Girl
03   Violent Faith   Breathe
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