Full Net


Voice: Davis Henry/Craigan Hogeland
Guitar: Davis Henry
Bass: Craigan Hogeland
Drums: Zack Mulazzi

Label: Gatsby Records
Genre: Punk
Location: Atlanta, GA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Full Net

Full Net was founded in late September of 2009 in the Metro Atlanta Area. The group consists of guitarist Davis Henry, bassist Craigan Hogeland, (both contributing lead and backing vocals) and drummer Zack Mulazzi. They began playing shows regularly in early 2010 and since then have supported multiple notable national acts such as The Misfits, Masked Intruder, Blitzkid, The Supervillains, and Psychostick. In May of 2012, Zack Mulazzi joined the band, and shortly after, they began working with Greg Bergdorf of Zebrahead to produce their next record. Bergdorf subsequently signed the band to his fledgling label Gatsby Records. Influenced by a wide variety of music ranging from punk rock, pop-punk, horror-punk, and hardcore to alternative, progressive, 50's, and even new wave, Full Net is driven by the compulsive desire to create melodic, driving, sincere punk rock songs.


Alkaline Trio, Descendents, Screeching Weasel, Blink-182, Face To Face, Green Day, Bouncing Souls


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