Voice: Todd Pittman
Guitar: Todd Pittman
Bass: Keydragon
Drums: Trapper

Label: Fornis Records
Genre: Punk Rock and Roll
Location: Sacramento
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Fornis

The Georgetown, California, rock band Fornis takes its name from a tiny, almost non-existent community in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Fronted by Todd Pittman who has been performing since the 90s. When asked what rock style Fornis would fit, Todd identified their sound as “Bolster Rock. We take the good old rock and bolster it into something new.” His personal musical influences are, "Old school punk rock, Doo Wop and old Rock and Roll, like Little Richard, and Dion and the Belmonts.” He also expressed fondness for the old girl bands, such as Darlene Love, the Crystals, and the Ronettes.

Before Fornis,Pittman fronted two other bands, a punk-rock group called Pruno (after the “jail juice” that prison inmates drink), and the punk band The Duodenums (named, oddly, after the upper third of the large intestine). Though nowadays Fornis primarily plays their Bolster Rock originals, they’re not above doing an occasional cover song, like Del Shannon’s “Runaway,” The Cars "Best Friends Girl," or an Elvis tune.

Fornis solid bottom end, drums and bass, are supplied by drummer Trapper Herzog and keyboardist Keydragon.  Trapper, a crackerjack session man playing since 1965 on a red transparent drum kit identical to John Bonham’s, has an impressive resume, having played with more than 20 bands, co-billed with the likes of Tower of Power, Elvin Bishop, and The Cliff Fields Group. His virtuoso time signature changes meld with the workmanlike bass of the Keydragon.

Keydragon (aka Ron Langford), on a triple deck Korg, has been active in music since the 70s,  Ron is also a classically trained pianist, a special education teacher, who in addition holds a BA in Psychology.

The 39 year old front man Pittman is credited with the songwriting, and creation of Fornis. His persona could be described as Rock-a-Billy, with hair brilliantined into a pompadour in front and combed into a duck-tail in back, but it is difficult to peg him or his band’s music into one simple classification. It is an amalgam of tastes and styles, using generations of rock influence as foundation, which results in a hard hitting, foot stomping, old school, unique and catchy musical style, guaranteed to remind the listener what rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be: fun, and a little bit dangerous.


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