Crumb Catcher


Voice: Marc Kennedy - Guitar/Vox

Bass: Matt Cash - Bass
Drums: Gregory Hopkins - Drums/Vocals

Genre: Garage, Punk, Ska
Location: Burlington, NC
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Crumb Catcher

Crumb Catcher is a garage punk, funk, deranged, type of skaish band but not really. With each of the songs on "Fired" having an individual flavor, words that tie the sound together into some cohesive description would be "energetic," or "raucous," or some sort of sentiment like that. The band members are Marc Kennedy, Dean Walker, and Matt Cash. Marc Kennedy wrote the songs on this album called "Fired", and If you care to listen to words they are pretty much about not havin' a woman or money, and just about how being alive is weird. They're kinda darkly humorous. They like to think they focus on the song crafting process. They are pretty excited about what they're doing and the new songs they are writing and the shows they are playing and all that.


The Minutemen, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Against Me!, Dinosaur Jr, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb

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