Voice: Joey Assman - Guitar,Vox
Guitar: Dave Crowe - Lead Guitar,Vox
Bass: Jason Wilber
Drums: SPIKE

Genre: Punk / Speedrock / Metal
Location: Erie, PA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Bitchwax

Bitchwax is an all original High Octane Rock'N'Roll SPEEDROCK/PUNK/METAL band from Erie, PA. The music of Bitchwax is not for the timid and may just rip your ears off your head so please wear a diaper and proceed with caution. If you dig bands like Motorhead, Zeke, Speedealer, Nashville Pussy, Electric Frankenstein, Antiseen and American Speedway, you will dig Bitchwax.


Zeke, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, Against The Grain, Orange Goblin, Speedealer

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