Punk-Rock from Regensburg / Bavaria (Germany) since 1998.

Disfuntional Sons

Established in 2001


Alternative Punk artist from London UK

Dog Of Man

Brighton UK Freak out Psych Punk

Mixed Kid Fridays

Punk Rock from Los Angeles

Hotel Murder

n-your-face punk rock from Toronto, Ontario.

Murders Sleep

Nottingham based nihilistic hardcore


Punkrock with a pissed of girl behind the mic

Doctor This

Punk poet/lyricist, ambient producer, open to collaboration offers


Nieviem is melodic skate punk rock band from Lincon UK

Maybe Not

We are from Amsterdam, play punchy punk rock influenced by 90s skatepunk/80s hardcore.

The Kimota Bombs

Punk band from Tampa, FL or something...


Folk punk band straight from crazed country of Slovakia.

il Body

il punk è per la gente normale


Fornis is the unique,but still very familiar product of rock and roll

Primitive Screwheads

A fusion of punk & metal with a hint of blues...

Kickback Generation

3 piece punk band from the north east of England.

Ding Dong Probably

South Wales Only Hardcore Band

Vile Humor

In your Face PUNK.. Check it out.

Snake Tongue

Raging hardcore from Sweden

DSM Global Collective

UK, DIY, Punk Rock band from Bristol & London, collaborations with artists worldwide.


Punkrock Band from Germany.


Street Threat is fast pace rock and roll band from Carson, CA


Melodic Hardcore and Skate Punk band with screaming vocal from Minsk, Belarus.

Mike Nobody

Outsider Artist-Musician


WITCH FEVER All girl punk band from Manchester UK.

The Elected Officials

The Elected Officials is an anarcho-hardcore punk band from Austin TX and Santa Fe NM.


Punk rock band Catalan formed in 2014, Barcelona, ​​new EP titled 'Temps'

Shoot On Sight

Sociopolitical punk rock from Indianapolis, IN


UK old school punk based in Reading, Berkshire UK. Always good fun.

Highest Crown

Original Hardcore/metal music from sarasota Florida

Demented Franky

Punk,Vegas Grunge,Indie Rock,Creepy Pasta, Solo

Diabo Verde

Four motherfuckers.

Rev Soul



You have to listen, so good!

Totally Gnarly

Totally Gnarly Have Come to Party

Criminal Party

Criminal Party is an historical italian garage punk band

The Crypt

Uk Skunk are a fun original punk band from the UK.


We are a punk rock band from Brisbane, Australia returning to the stage in 2017.

The Mindless


SorryIWasShitfaced is a 4 piece Canadian melodic punk band.

The Genetik Pets

Punk Rock from Athens

Reptilians From Andromeda

Reptilians from Andromeda (aka RFA),is an nowave punk band from Istanbul, Turkey

Darky Dark and The Junkie Bunch

Hardcore Folk Punk Band From Costa Mesa, Ca.

The Visitors

Watford based band playing a mixture of originals and punk/rock/new wave covers band

layman's Terms

Melodic hardcore from the south west UK

Assassination Squad

We're a punk band based in Chicago, IL.

Mike Hawks Dishonorable Discharge / M.H.D.D

MHDD is a punk band from Stockton CA. Known for their vulgar humor and being obnoxious

Kinky Downs

Punk/metal band from Kent, UK.


Zopilote is an alternative pop punk rock 4 piece band from Slovenia, Europe.

Under A Nightmare

Pittsburgh Punk Rock starting in 2002, heavily into horror movies and having a blast!


Punk rock all-female band based in Milan, Italy

Deposit Man

Punk Rock band that comprised of four dads who currently live in Oulu, Finland.


Band from Norman, Oklahoma
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