Explosion Theory

Working class punks from NYC

Nuclear Potato

lets get fucked up and a have a good time!

Jay Decay

Jay Decay is a folk punk artist from Northern California.

Central Arcadia

Punk ROCK band created in san jose costa rica january 2015

The Cheats

Born in the rusty ashes of the once blue collar steel town of Pittsburgh, PA in 2001,

Topsy Turvy's

French melodic punk rock with female/male dual vocals and a DIY approach.

3rd Rate

We are 3rd Rate Punk band from Los Angeles

The Wasted Daze

If you enjoy metal and punk rock then The Wasted Daze is the band for you!

One Day Longer

One Day Longer is a melodic punk rockin band that hails from the midwest.

But Me No Buts

Five piece Hardcore act from Winchester, Hampshire

The Money$

From in the cold depths of the Federal Reserve crawl out the Money$

Rust Belt Demons

Milwaukee working class punk rock n' roll.

The Jasons

Red-Blooded American Punk Rock from Crystal Lake, NJ!


Old School punk band from Aberdeen


Kent punk/hardcore band DropThis! Check them out: http://dropthis.bandcamp.com

False Profit

Thrash yo face off fast


48hz - Explorers in the further regions of experience

Ransom Price

Ransom Price is a punk band from NJ influenced by bands like Screeching Weasel.

Infeksi Moral

Indonesian HC/Punk

Kardinal Synd

Punkrock from Norrland, Sweden.

Sick Bastards

Hardcore Punk from Central Mexico

Terrorist in mind

IndiePostPunk from Lüneburg in Germany since 1999

Start At Zero

Start at Zero line-up consists of young guys from the town of Ajdovščina, Slovenia.

The Brass Action

The Brass Action is high energy horn-driven punk at its finest!

Officer Down

Melodic Punk/Hardcore band from Evesham/Bristol UK

The Defectives

The Defectives Band born in 2013. The sound is similar to Oi, punk'77 and punk'82.

The 1z's

Hi! We're the 1z's. We're a punk rock band from Riverside,CA


Malmö Punk/H.C

Fucking Virgins

Punk Band from the Netherlands, Around since 1989

Vices to the Grave

Mixing the attitude of old school punk with the style of new school


Punk/Pop band "The AFTERDRIVE"


Ska/Punk Band from Saint-Calixte, Quebec, Canada

Zeitgeist 77

Melodic uncompromising alternative music from the NE of England

Poison Politix

Punk Rock DIY band from northern Colorado. poisonpolitix@outlook.com

The Riverside Odds

Volatile energy and in-your-face vocals in between gulps of beer and whiskey.

Christine King

Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Writer, Guitar/Piano Accompanist

Intimate Apparel

Four piece punk rock band from Victoria, Australia.

Los Mirians

Los Mirians is a melodic punk rock band from Valencia, Venezuela


Hardcorepunk/Grindcore from Finland

Despised Minds

One-Man-Punk Band from Schärding, Austria


Riot Grrrl/Punk/Ska From the Scottish Borders

Nuns Or Ninjas

After several years these three ended up together they are known as Nuns Or Ninjas.


yo whats up were DEAD WEIGHT from San Antonio, TX

Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band

A punk rock charity organisation


Aragon's Punk rock band


California Bay Area Punk Rock


Four Lappish Terveet Kädet fanboys playing dirty aggressive D-Beat

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

We're Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, a spanish hxc/punk band.

Half Eaten Apple

We are a 4 piece from Newcastle Australia called Half Eaten Apple

Bad Habit & The Corruptions

A trashy surf/garage punk mix based in Austin, Texas

Second Hand Citizens

Punk Rock From Portsmouth UK

Rundown Kreeps

Underground, honest, upbeat music since 2009!

The Car Bomb Parade

Ear-assaulting hardcore street punk from NY

Loss For Concern

LFC is a Punk Rock band from Highland Park

Dickless juli

a 3 piece ska/beach punk band from santa cruz!
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