Damn Mondays

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 266
Date Aired: April 14, 2014 9:00PM
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Salzburg/ Berchtesgaden, Austria
Damn Mondays
Damn Mondays
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Die Band Damn Mondays wurde, angetrieben von montäglicher Motivation und dem fast generellem Fehlen von Melodic Punk in Österreich, im Jänner 2013 gegründet. Für alle die jetzt sagen, "Scheiße Alter, der Sänger singt ja wie ne Frau" - es ist eine Frau - die weltweit einzige singende Frau neben Hayley Williams. Man könnte die Band sehr gut als uneheliches, etwas hässliches Kind von Daggermouth und Set your Goals, sowie einer herben Brise Schwanz- und Tittenwitze beschreiben. Ab September 2013 löst die erste Online EP "Hit it till it Works", (Danke an Suiseidl Studios) die dunkle Zeit der Handy Recordings ab. Der Band fehlen nurnoch 99.700 Likes auf Facebook um die 100.000er Marke zu knacken!

English translation:

The band Damn Mondays was driven by montäglicher motivation and almost generellem lack of melodic punk in Austria, founded in January 2013. For all those who are now saying "Shit age, the singer sings even as a wife" - it's a woman - the world's only singing woman next to Hayley Williams. One could very well describe the band as illegitimate, something ugly child of Daggermouth and Set your Goals, and a bitter breeze cock and tits jokes. From September 2013, the first online EP "Hit it till it Works" (Thanks to Suiseidl Studios) the dark time of the phone Recordings replaces. The band missing nurnoch 99,700 Likes on Facebook to crack the 100,000 mark!

Be sure to check out their brand new release "Losing Years" available to stream or download for FREE!!

-See more at: https://www.punkbandpromotions.com/damn-mondays

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published08 Apr 2014 12:00:00AM


As it says.
Visit my Aussie Mates
Pick It Up
The Meaniacs
if you're in town.

Brothers ST Brendans R.L.F.C Rocklea, Qld Australia

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published06 Apr 2014 12:00:00AM

Hear This Album Offer

Bled Fest

Put your song on 100 cd's that will be passed out free at
Bled Fest 2014
Featuring: Title Fight, The Menzingers, Man Overboard, Bane, Fireworks, Hawthorne Heights, Citizen, Transit, The Flatliners, and many many more!

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published24 Mar 2014 12:00:00AM

Lots has changed

We have added 2 of our good friends that promote your stuff from here all the time.

View them under the Radio menu at the top of the page.

Loud Fast Shiitty https://www.punkbandpromotions.com/loud-fast-shitty

Are one of our old time friends.

PoDunk Radio https://www.punkbandpromotions.com/podunkradio

Are the same.

Listen to these guys as your shit may well be pulled in there

Cheers for their support and we hope we have a continued affiliation! 

PS. We have more...just working out time frame of getting them up

K-USR and SIckboy will be up shortly

Hear this promotions is another of our good friends who wll we set up shortly.

Sorry guys for the downtime but things have and still are a bit hectic





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published18 Mar 2014 12:00:00AM

We are now secure

You may notice a change in the url to our site. We are now running through SSL which means all your information is encrypted.

We did this as there is a lot of software we use that needs this enabled.

So at least you know now that none of your info will get hacked.



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published16 Mar 2014 12:00:00AM

Assault & BATtery Compilation Benefits Bat World Sanctuary

Joe from Scanner is coordinating the production and marketing of the "Assault & BATtery" compilation, which to unites 45 like-minded punk, metal, alternative, and off-the-wall bands who contributed songs to the project, The project not only seeks to call attention to the valuable work being done by Bat World Sanctuary, but also to educate people on the valuable role the magnificent little flying creatures play in maintaining the world's ecosystem, and how they contribute protection of crops and the health of humans as well as all other life on the planet. Additionally, proceeds from the sales of the album will be donated to Bat World Sanctuary.

More information on Bat World Sanctuary can be found here: http://batworld.org

Here's where you can buy the compilation: http://scanner1979.bandcamp.com

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