Explosion Theory

Loud Fast & Shitty - Episode: 317
Date Aired: April 27, 2015 9:00
Genre: Hardcore Punk Rock
Location: NYC
Explosion Theory
Explosion Theory
Song Title:
Run Rat Run
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“This is some sort of hybrid of tough metal/hardcore pop and well played music in general.”
Peter Thorsson - Skrutt Magazine

“For any listeners out there in law enforcement, this would make a great soundtrack for kicking in someone’s door.”
Ray Cavanaugh - Skope Magazine

“What makes Explosion Theory really stand out is their musicianship and song crafting ability that allows them to fuse so many different styles of music without ever coming off as muddled or confusing.”
James Damion - United by Rocket Science

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published20 Aug 2014 12:00:00AM

Punk Aid 3 - For the Animal shelters

These guys are compiling an album of bands that support Punk Aid and are giving their songs freely.

Punk Aid 3 is supplying a great album with heaps of bands that have given their stuff to save the animals in shelters.

When it comes out guys remember your purchase goes to a great cause!

And at $6 it's worth it!


Released September the 1st.

Track list includes

001 Secular Plague (France) - Vivisection

002 The Outcasts (Ireland) -  Don't wanna be no adult

003 Dead On The Wire (USA) - Throwaway

004 Deranged Youth (USA) - Settle

005 Vieja Estirpe (Puerto Rico) - Por tu ignorancia

006 Voice of Addiction (USA) - Modern Day Meltdown

007 Executors (USA) - Government Shutdown

008 Red City Drunk Punx (Canada) - Money

009 Underground Alliance (USA) -  Black Flag

010 Bad Ass (USA) - Kitty Better Run

011 Sketchie (USA) Till Debt Do Us Part

012 Mostly Harmless (USA) - Catcher In The Rye

013 Revolt (USA) - Over the Edge

014 M.S.A (Canada) - Waste of Life

015 Henry Cluney (Ireland) - Ashes

016 Arkham (USA) - Wolfhearts

017 Shattermat (USA) - Hand Grenades

018 The Grim Imperials (USA) - C'mon

019 Last Rites (UK) - Addict

020 USA Waste (USA) -  Forged In Fire

021 The Whatleys (USA) - Outside

022 Waste Of Ammo (Germany) - Remember

023 Zen Fuck Ups (Ireland) - Victim

024 Abuse Of Substance (Canada) - Out After Dark

025 The Reckless Rebels (Canada) - Room for Change

026 Tanzler (USA) - Anti Climactic Life

027 Bunny Five Coat (USA) - Crowd Crusher

028 The Angst (USA) - Acquisitive Man

029 Violent Affair (USA) - Stronger Than Before

030 Copsickle (Canada) - Quittin' Time

031 Cult Killers (Australia) - Wasted Life

032 Mi22les (Mexico) - Cant Destroy Us

033 Fourtitude (USA) - Chicken

034 Infirmities (USA) - World of Sin

035 cLOSERS (Italy) - Sweetchuck 

036 Murder For Girls (USA) - Start Over

037 External Menace (UK) - Citizen Caned (live)

038 Overload (USA) - Starve

039 Hello Bastards (UK)  - If not You Who, If not Now When

040 The Woodmen (USA) - Goodbye

041 Boy (Czech Republic) - Stay Free

042 Straight Outta Luck (USA) - Self Destruction

043 The Droogettes (USA) - Bitter Old Man

044 Ready To Attack (USA) - Drogas

045 The Rawtones (USA) - Off The Grid

046 Ziplock (UK) - Take It Break It

047 Underclass UK (UK) - Street Cleaner

048 Rukus (Australia) - The Punter

049 Damn Broads (USA) - Above The Law

050 Stahlschwester (Germany) Ja und Amen

051 Ash Williams (USA) - Michael

052 Nerve Control (USA) - Repetition Is Bliss

053 Electric Frankenstein (USA) - Up From the Streets

054 Crooked Cobras (USA) - Oppression

055 Antisuburbians (USA) - Gotta Go

056 The Horribles (USA) - The Voice

057 The Percs (USA) - Sick Of It

058 Sculpins (USA) - Green Speech

059 The Innocents (Indonesia) - Future Boys

060 Insurgent (USA) - Un-Natural Cause

061 Smash 77 (USA) - Tales from the underground

062 Go Go Lords (USA) - Evil Men

063 BackBone (USA) - Police Sirens 

064 The Dying Elk Herd (USA) - Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!

065 Upper Crust (Germany) - Chicken Bootcamp

066 Moral Decline (USA) - The End

067 Burns Like Fire (USA) - Abandon Ship

068 Street voices (Indonesia) - Hypnotize

069 Tres Cabrones (USA) - Tyrant

070 Scanner (USA) -  Getcha to Burn

071 Narcoleptic Youth (USA) - Vicious killers

072 Zex (Canada) - Break Free

073 Subculture (UK) - Ghost Town Daze

074 The Dead Threats- Kill All Posers

075 Rotten UK (UK) - End of it All

076 Charged 82 (USA) - Drink Drank and Drunk 

077 Broken Foot (Canada) - My Own League

078 Yum Yuckers (USA) - Malignantly Useless

079 P.B.R. (USA) -  Grind You Down

080 Pedestrian Unrest (USA) - I've Got A Problem

081 Total Chaos (USA) - Wake Up America

082 Along The Way (USA) - I Found a Way

083 Defused (Switzerland) - We Are Free

084 Joe Rothstein (USA) - Gotta Go

085 Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 (USA) - Lady Frankenstein

086 Global Crime Syndicate (USA) - In The Blink of an Eye

087 Secondhand Destruction (USA) - As Seen On TV

088 Pagan Babies (USA) - Squirrels

089 Topnovil (Australia) - Enemy

090 PMA (USA) - Running Out Of Time

091 The Bad Engrish (USA) - Pogo Power

092 Corrupted Youth (USA) - Heartless Bastards

093 Moose Knuckle (USA) - Ready,Aim,Fire

094 Evacuate (USA) - Ignorance Is Bliss

095 Daggerwound (USA) - Runner

096 Radical Fun Time (USA) - Electrcic Shock

097 ENATIZO (Spain) - Probeta (Test tube)

098 The Grabowskis (Germany) - Keine Zeit

099 Direct Disregard (Canada) - Fuck People

100 The Parasitix (USA) - Pogo on a Politician

101 The Defects (Ireland) - Brutality (live)

102 The Impulse International (USA) - Shake It Out

103 The Kaotix (USA) - Control

104 The Company You Keep (USA) - Good Game, Let's go Eat

All proceeds go to http://nkla.org



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published02 Aug 2014 12:00:00AM

Ronny Rocka - RIP

We just found out Ronny Rocka, Guitarist from Splodgenessabounds has died in his sleep last night.

Our thoughts go out to all the fans and his family

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published14 May 2014 12:00:00AM

Check out this killer Radio Schedule

Check out this killer Radio Schedule. All shows can be heard live at PunkBandPromotions.com Shows from our friends at: PoDunk Radio, K-USR Radio Underground Skanking Radio Worldwide Alternative Internet Radio, Rockin' Devil Radio

8pm EST, 7PM CST, 5pm PST - PoDunk Radio & K-USR Radio - Loud, Fast and Shitty Radio Show

1PM EST, 12PM CST, 10AM PST - PoDunk Radio - PoDunk Punk Show
7PM EST, 6PM CST, 4PM PST - PoDunk Radio - The Brothers Grim Punkcast
9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST - PoDunk Radio - The Sick Boys Radio Show
10PM EST, 9PM CST, 7PM PST - PoDunk Radio - Best Table in Hell
11pm EST, 10PM CST, 8PM PST - K-USR Radio - In The Pit Radio with SKULLY

8PM EST, 7PM CST, 5PM PST - PoDunk Radio - The Tony Jones Show
9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST - PoDunk Radio - The Noise Floor
11PM EST, 10PM CST, 8PM PST - K-USR Radio - The Sick Boys Radio Show

8pm EST, 7PM CST, 5pm PST - K-USR Radio - Midwest Blue Collar Sk8 / Skate Punk Radio Show with Dj What Luck
9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST - PoDunk Radio - NOT fOR aIR Radio

3pm EST, 2PM CST, 12Noon PST - K-USR Radio - Refuse Resist Show with DJ Dog Patch (Aka: Scott Wilkins of Hollywood Hate X Singer Verbal Abuse)
4PM EST, 3PM CST, 1PM PST - PoDunk Radio - Anti-Pop Podcast by Vacant Lot Entertainment
5PM EST, 4PM CST, 2PM PST - K-USR Radio - Dj Ryno Saturday Edition
7PM EST, 6PM CST, 4PM PST - PoDunk Radio - Loud, Fast, Shitty (Replay)
9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST - PoDunk Radio - Underground Horror Radio

3PM CET, 9AM EST, 5AM PST - Rockin’ Devil Radio - Yorkshire Bastards Punkrock Mayhem w/DJ MelTheBell
6:30PM CET, 11:30AM EST, 8:30AM PST - Rockin’ Devil Radio - 666% Psychobilly Madness w/DJ Tiny
4PM EST, 3PM CST - PoDunk Radio - Hear This NOW! by HTP (Hear This Promotions)
8PM EST, 7PM CST, 5pm PST - K-USR Radio - Ryno Radio with Dj Ryno

I will be adding some additional Rockin' Devil Radio shows to this list as well as they run shows all week long.

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published08 Apr 2014 12:00:00AM


As it says.
Visit my Aussie Mates
Pick It Up
The Meaniacs
if you're in town.

Brothers ST Brendans R.L.F.C Rocklea, Qld Australia

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published06 Apr 2014 12:00:00AM

Hear This Album Offer

Bled Fest

Put your song on 100 cd's that will be passed out free at
Bled Fest 2014
Featuring: Title Fight, The Menzingers, Man Overboard, Bane, Fireworks, Hawthorne Heights, Citizen, Transit, The Flatliners, and many many more!

PLUS, there will be an online release, you get online promo, and more!
Only $10!
for all the details, or simply e-mail hearthispromotions@gmail.com 
Thanks! Hear This! Promotions.

Affiliate of Punk Band Promotions

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May 7th Live @ Music City Antwerp Marginal - Simbiose (Pt) - Anxiety Disorder

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A fine brutal evening filled with lovely sonic filth We proudly present: Marginal Death Crust from Antwerp Hellgium New album "Chaos and Anarchy"   Simbiose Crust/Metal/Punk...
Crust Picnic in Gent 8/9 th May 2015

Crust Picnic in Gent 8/9 th May 2015

Saturday May 9 2015, 1:00 PM
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