Zombie Fight


Voice: Hil Neloms- Lead Vox
Guitar: Anthony Solis- Guitar/ Back Vox
Bass: Justin Woods- Bass/ Back Vox
Drums: Lee Weinberg

Genre: Hardcore
Location: The boroughs of Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Zombie Fight

Zombie Fight is a NYHC band stemming from the boroughs of Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Zombie Fight prides itself on incorporating a myriad of interests, stretching from music to life.

Fully formed in November of 2010, through former bands and former jobs, Lee Weinberg (Ex- Regression NYC), Anthony Solis (ex-Point Pleasant), Hilary Neloms (ex-Regressin NYC / Nothing Lost), and Ariel Bosworth got together to release the negativity that surrounds all of them. With a wide range of influences rooted in hardcore and punk, however, utilizing the varied tastes of each member, Zombie Fight creates an eclectic mix with one simple goal in mind: if it sounds good, use it.

Zombie Fight released their first EP, 'Broke For Tomorrow - Volume 1' in February 2011 and have consistently played shows throughout the New York City Area with bands like Shai Hulud, Living Laser, Fashion Week, Torchbearer, Red Eyed Devil, Abject, On The Offense, Last Call Brawl, The Last Stand, Sexual Suicide, Down Low, Setback, Ashes Forever, Relics, and more.

The follow up EP "Alive and Well" is available now at http://zombiefight.bandcamp.com and CDs are available through their Merch Store (zombiefight.bigcartel.com) and at their live shows.


Indecision, Undertow, Comeback Kid, Sick Of It All, Skarhead, Judge, District 9, Trapped Under Ice, Wisdom in Chains,Buried Alive, Hope Conspiracy, Bane, NOFX, Cro Mags Bad Religion,Unearth,Agnostic Front,Bulldoze,H2o,Blood for Blood,Madball, The smiths, Interpol, James Jamerson of Motown fame, napalm death, poison the well, shai hulud, fatality, hopesfall, cryptopsy, arsis, envy(japan), yaphet kotto, 1000 travels of jawaharlal, glassjaw, misery signals, ringworm, converge, Sepultura, Megadeth


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